Developmental Trauma and Performance Inhibition, presented by Alessia Bruno and Ruth Chiles

Developmental Trauma and Performance Inhibition
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Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2024


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Alessia Bruno and Ruth Chiles are Brainspotting Consultants, part of the BSPUK training team

and experts in Sports and Artistic Performance. They are passionate about sharing their

knowledge and experience with the Brainspotting community, especially to enhance the

understanding of the complexity of inhibitions in performance and how underlying

developmental trauma and relational issues affect them.

In this presentation Alessia would like to share with you:

● Transgenerational trauma, childhood trauma, current trauma and the impact on the

brain and therefore on performance.

● Attunement-Attachment- Parenting Style

● Performance development in young people, the athletic and creative brain

● Differences when working with young people using Brainspotting; the system around

the child, the adaptive and creative therapist. A set-up example of a BSP session.

In this presentation Ruth would like to share with you:

● The impact of a lack of early attunement and attachment in setting the nervous system into


● How the nervous system being set to survival fragments the brain body connection and

therefore, coordination. This is because of the interruption of interoceptive and

exteroceptive (including perioceptive) sensitivity and precision.

● An overview of the 5 performance gifts and how they become distorted as a result of

developmental trauma.

● An arc of Brainspotting set-ups to enable the healing of developmental trauma and to

restructure the brain into performance flow rather than inhibition.

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